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Data and Analytics

Business Intelligence, Data Management and Advanced Analytics capabilities are essential parts of the digital enterprise and digital transformation process. Syskoplan Reply's expert SAP consultants can help you turn data into insights, insights into action and action into results.

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Data and Analytics

Successful data management and business intelligence starts with the Syskoplan Reply advantage.

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Why Core SAP Expertise

Concept #1

Deployed effectively, business intelligence and business analytics can help companies make timely and relevant business decisions based on historical and real-time data.

The objective of data management is to harness information pouring in from a variety of different sources and translate that data into meaningful analytics. This can help you gain insight into past performances, anticipate future business results, and guide you into making the best decisions for your business.

Unfortunately, data is messy, distributed, and complicated. Decision makers and stakeholders run the risk of flying blind if their information is inconsistent, late, and not actionable. When your data management tools and your business intelligence architecture fail to deliver the strategic insight that the company needs, they can quickly become impediments to your business (rather than assets).

Syskoplan Reply won’t let that happen. We have the expertise, leadership and experience to identify the best fit for your unique needs from the vast portfolio of different strategy and solution options. Our teams consist of exceptionally talented, reputable thought leaders as well as experienced technicians who are dedicated to your success.

Concept #2

We can guide you through the three key steps in your data, analytics, or BI journey:

Ensure structured and unstructured data is understood, owned, consistent, trusted, timely and formatted for easy consumption.
Translate data into well-designed data models that empower self-service consumption, data security, and a single version of the truth.
Provide IT and business end users with access to tools that help them explore, visualize, report, analyze, and distribute data securely and in a timely fashion.

In addition to our expertise with SAP BI tools and solutions, we also have extensive experience implementing Microsoft’ Azure and Power BI solutions. Syskoplan Reply is definitely different in that we not only have the ability to deploy the Microsoft Azure BI solution stack with any data source but also have extensive functional and technical experience with SAP data sources.

Deploying a world-class data management and BI solution requires the correct balance of people, process, and technology. Syskoplan Reply supports a host of different SAP and Microsoft tools and solutions, and we can help you select the right platform and the right tools. We will be with you every step of the way - from conception through execution and onto continuous improvement.

Reach out to Syskoplan Reply today to discuss which analytics solution fits your business needs.

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Core Data and Analytics Capabilities


SAP Business Objects Enterprise

  • Installations, upgrades, migrations
  • Report & Universe Development
  • Dashboard Design / Visualization
  • Cloud laaS
  • Security, Strategy and Architecture

Tableau (Server / Desktop)

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


  • Installations, upgrades, migrations
  • Development
  • Strategy and Architecture


SAP Data Services

  • Installations, upgrades, migrations
  • ETL code Development

Data Mart / Data Warehouse

  • ETL code design
  • Data Modeling
  • Security, Strategy and Architecture

Data Governance

  • Strategy / Architecture

Big Data / Data Lake

  • Strategy / Architecture



  • Installations, upgrades, migrations
  • Security Model Design (GRC)
  • Data Security
  • Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI)
  • Virtualization and Cloud
  • Real-time Reporting


  • Core Data Services (ABAP)
  • Imbedded Analytics


  • HANA Optimizations

Microsoft Azure Capabilities


Azure Cloud

  • Cloud readiness assessments
  • Architectures and deployments
  • Migration and interoperability
    strategies for multi-vendor
    on-premises systems


Azure data Factory

  • Process orchestration and data
    ingestion from multi-sources
  • Azure Event & IoT Hubs
  • Real-time data stream collections
    from multiple sources and devices


Azure Databases

  • Architecture designs, deployments
    and migrations to PaaS offerings such
    as Azure SQL Database, SQL Managed
    Instance, PostgreSQL, MySQL and
    Cosmos DB
  • Data migrations to PaaS or IaaS

Azure Data Lakes and Data Warehouse

  • Designs and architectures for central
    repositories of enterprise data of any
    format and any size
  • Enhancements over traditional data
    lakes using Databricks Delta Lake capabilities
  • Best practices for data movement,
    analytics and security


Azure Data Science, AI and ML

  • Azure Databricks/ML deployments to promote a collaborative, feature rich
    data science environment
  • Azure Analysis Services to handle
    rapid data models for ad-hoc analysis


Power BI Platform

  • Designs, developments and
    governance of enterprise-wide,
    self-service, interactive dashboards
  • Migrations of legacy SSRS reports to
    Power BI paginated reports
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