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Process Mining and Automation

Improvement is the real-time task of identifying, analyzing, and improving upon existing business processes within an organization for optimization. It sounds easy enough … but getting it done is tough. Syskoplan Reply’s end-to-end business process experts have access to a variety of tools to help improve your processes and realize the value of your IT investments.

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Process Mining and Automation 

Take advantage of business process expertise to analyze, mine, and improve your processes. . . quickly.

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Why Special Expertise

When an organization is trying to gain business insight from ERP process data, there’s nothing more frustrating than different people arriving at different decisions based on different data extractions.

Luckily, Syskoplan Reply has the skills and experience to stop that problem before it begins. We leverage a variety of tools that can help your company make process improvements based on actual transactional data.

Our process improvement consultants have experience optimizing a variety of processes from almost any source.

Process Experience:

Procure to Pay Accounts
Accounts Payable
Opportunity Management
Order to Cash
Accounts Receivable
Deductions Management
Plant Maintenance
Quality Management
Transportation Management
IT Service Management

Source System:


Celonis is the global leader in execution management. The Celonis Execution Management System provides companies a modern way to run their business processes entirely on data and intelligence.

Syskoplan Reply’s certified Celonis experts will fulfill the roles of data scientist, business process expert, and SAP expert to help your organization derive real business value from your system usage and process improvement initiatives. Our combination of skills allows for rapid knowledge transfer of Celonis deployment techniques to your internal team. This means you can quickly capitalize on the results in order to improve business processes.

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Signavio provides end-to-end capabilities for strategic process transformation and the reinvention of customer experiences. Signavio lays the foundation for the Intelligent Enterprise of the future using SAP Process Insights, SAP Signavio Process Intelligence, SAP Signavio Process Manager, and SAP Signavio Journey Modeler.

Syskoplan Reply knows business processes and transformation. Leveraging our certified consultants, we can help you enable your organization to analyze, design and simulate, and improve your SAP processes. After that, we use the transformation journey to monitor and govern the process and system as you mature and develop the culture for continuous process improvement.

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Whether you are looking to evaluate a small, single process mining project or are about to embark on a large-scale business transformation program, we have the business process expertise to help. At Syskoplan Reply, we combine the diverse experience of our experts with tool capabilities and business process knowledge from multiple environments to get you the results you need in a fraction of the time.

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