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Supply Chain and Planning Optimization

Supply chains are always growing and increasing in complexity, size, and volatility. Syskoplan Reply can help you manage the changing demands of your supply chain.

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Digital Supply Chain and Planning Optimization

Optimize your supply chain planning with the Syskoplan Reply difference.

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Why Special Expertise

Concept #1

Supply chains are always growing and increasing in complexity, size, and have witnessed more and more volatility due to recent events and heightened expectations from end customer to get the product.

As supply chains become larger and more complex, companies find themselves struggling to maintain inventory, service levels, planning data, and visibility from end to end. SAP offers a wide variety of planning and optimization tools, but which ones are right for you and how easy are they to implement and maintain?

That’s where Syskoplan Reply can make a difference at your company. Unlike other SAP consultants who take a cookie cutter approach, we tailor our approach to fit the different needs of each of our clients. We will work with your business and IT teams to understand real needs, real drivers, and real costs.

The list of supply chain requirements is long and includes complex challenges like forecasting, demand sensing, supply network planning and optimization, constrained planning, inventory optimization, monitoring and exception handling. 

Concept #2

SAP’s go-to advanced planning tool is Integrated Business Planning (IBP), which offers an integrated platform to meet the challenging needs of a complex supply chain and network.

Here are common tools which SAP offers for the planning function focus, and since APO is approaching the end for support and maintenance, IBP will be the choice for your next Digital supply chain Planning transformation.

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Native Digital Supply Chain Features

SAPObjects Enterprise

  • Production Planning (MRP)
  • Embedded Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS)
  • Advanced Available to Promise (AATP)


SAP Data Services

  • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
  • Demand
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Response and Supply
  • Supply Chain Control Tower

Support Ending 2027


  • Demand Planning (DP)
  • Supply Network Planning SNP (Heuristics, CTM and Optimizer)
  • Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS)
  • Global Available to Promise (GATP)
  • Deployment
  • TLB

Some of the Key aspects to be considered while looking at IBP are as below.

State-of-the-Art Business Processes

Leverage new technologies to enable new business processes with highly flexible UI's

Connected Planning Processes

Break down planning silos through single data model and connected and integrated planning processes

Leverage End-to-end Visibility

End-to-end visibility on Strategic, Tactical, and Operational level

Faster Planning Cycles

React faster to changes in the business through complete integration, one user experience

Advanced Planning Algorithms

Leverage predictive analytics (e.g., demand sensing) in combination with optimization

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