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Security and Governance, Risk, Compliance

The thought of missing something of legal importance can strain the efficiency of a business. Syskoplan Reply's SAP consultants have plenty of experience working with SOX compliance and other legal requirements to help put your mind to rest.

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Security and Governance, Risk, Compliance

Customize your SAP GRC to meet your compliance and business needs.

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Why Core SAP Expertise

Concept #1

Take a different approach to security and access control with the right balance of security and usability.

Security and access control are key aspects of any IT and business system landscape. As companies move towards an increasingly interconnected hybrid architecture built on a combination of on-premisis, hosted, and cloud solutions, efficient access control and security protocols become more critical than ever before.

Companies have to consider a variety of different factors if they want to ensure efficient and effective risk management, access control, and internal and external requirement compliance. They need reasonably automated, tightly controlled, continuously monitored risk, control, and audit processes, but they must also ensure that tight security requirements don’t get in the way of important business processes.

That’s where Syskoplan Reply comes in. We take a different approach to security, governance, risk, and compliance that balances security and usability. By analyzing each of our clients’ unique system landscapes, risk tolerance, security and audit requirements, we are able to design efficient and manageable processes that leverage appropriate SAP GRC (governance, risk and compliance) functions.

Concept #2

Strike a balance between security and flexibility when you partner with Syskoplan Reply.

Syskoplan Reply’s ultimate goal is to design solutions that meet all of our clients' different security and flexibility needs. We understand that our clients need to manage risk and compliance without disrupting the efficiency of the business processes that make them unique, and allow them to thrive.

Well-designed and automated risk management, access control, and compliance processes help companies avoid undetected security issues that can become audit issues. Continuously monitored access control and automated checks for compliance with internal and external policies are key components of a well implemented SAP GRC system.

Don't let outdated technology or protocols open your business up to the risk of security breaches or improper system access. It puts your business at risk and sets your company up for a tedious and time-consuming audit process. Instead, let Syskoplan Reply's experienced team revamp or redesign your security and access control processes. Still not convinced? Contact us today for a consultation.

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