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PMO Services and Quality Assurance/Risk Management 

Since every SAP project is different, having access to the lessons learned from a variety of prior experiences is invaluable. Syskoplan Reply's SAP specialists have the experience needed to assist in countless quality assurance and risk management tasks leading your program with predictable success.

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PMO Services and Quality Assurance/Risk Management 

Let Syskoplan Reply manage your PMO at every stage of the process.

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Why Special Expertise

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Syskoplan Reply has implemented many different SAP projects - leverage our experience to get the best results for your business.

In our experience with systems integration projects, we have found that many programs fall short of expectations due to insufficient setup and lack of effective execution. Syskoplan Reply not only understands the nuances of an effective setup - we are able to leverage reference points and lessons learned from our previous projects to give you a truly seamless integration experience, which is an important consideration in positioning your program for success.

Whether you engage Syskoplan Reply in the early or later stages of your SAP transformation program, our experienced team of Program and Project Management Professionals can help with everything from optimal setup to ongoing operation of your Program Management Office.

We structure our PMO services to your specific needs, including the following disciplines:

Initial PMO Setup and Ongoing Operation
Selection and Implementation of PMO Methodology and Tools
Program and Project Governance
Risk and Issue Management
Organizational Change and Transformation Management
Resource and Scope Management
Program Quality Assurance

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We’re here to help in any way we can. Our involvement can range from the active setup and management of your PMO organization to a hands-off advisory service for Program Quality Assurance and Risk Management.

These services will either focus on the ongoing or milestone-based review of your program, with the goal of identifying and recommending areas for improvements. Syskoplan Reply's services also seek to reduce or mitigate risk, to ensure that your system's integration project accomplishes what it was intended to do.

Avoid common pitfalls and risks when it comes to the setup and execution of your Program Management Organization. Schedule a chat with Syskoplan Reply's experienced team today.

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