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SAP S/4HANA Upgrade

Syskoplan Reply’s experience in SAP upgrades stems back decades. Syskoplan Reply has upgrade methodology specific for S/4HANA Upgrades.

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SAP S/4HANA Upgrade

Early S/4 Adopters, Let's upgrade.

Why S/4HANA?

SAP S/4HANA has been available since February 2015.

While market adoption is increasing there have been early S/4HANA adopters running early releases of S/4HANA who now look to upgrade to later releases which contain more stability and robust functionality. Syskoplan Reply’s experience in SAP upgrades stems back decades. The approach for S/4HANA upgrades follows similar methodologies as previous releases but comes with Syskoplan Reply experts’ deep dedication to release notes and business process knowledge, coupled with our close partnership with SAP.

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Syskoplan Reply has upgrade methodology specific for S/4HANA Upgrades.

Additionally, review of the Fiori App Library for new development and changes for updated release and utilized scope items occurs. Further, the Syskoplan Reply experts will consider the availability of Best Practice scope items for the purpose of identifying differences between the S/4HANA source and target releases. Finally, Syskoplan Reply will review restriction notes for the target release and any changes to BW Extractors.

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Syskoplan Reply experts will provide and validate the following deliverables with clients. At a high level, these include:

  • Changed functions
  • Changed data elements (possibly impacting custom code)
  • Changed or newly developed Fiori apps where an existing and currently used SAP GUI transaction code might have been deprecated
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The above provides the foundation for the Design Phase of Syskoplan Reply’s Enhanced SAP Activation Methodology with these steps:

  • Review and finalize overall upgrade process and approach
  • Review findings of preliminary study to refine and validate results by functional and or technical area
  • Review expected impact on SAP GUI transaction changes and resulting necessary changes to security and roles
  • Review existing interfaces and other technical aspects for any expected impact
  • Technical Upgrade planning workshop to refine and finalize project plan

Most businesses are wondering, is it the right time to move, or upgrade, to S/4HANA or should we wait for the next release?

Start now by scheduling time to speak with an Syskoplan Reply S/4 expert to evaluate your current environment and preparedness for S/4HANA Upgrade.

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