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HANA Technical Migrations

Migrating to S/4HANA can be a daunting task. Syskoplan Reply's team of SAP experts has successfully migrated a variety of systems to the HANA platform on behalf of our clients, including SAP ERP, SRM, BW and SolMan.

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HANA Technical Migrations

Avoid HANA migration pitfalls with the Syskoplan Reply difference.

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Why S/4HANA?

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Syskoplan Reply's SAP S/4HANA team has successfully migrated SAP ERP, SRM, BW, and SolMan systems to the HANA platform for many different clients.

If you’re running your SAP solutions on a legacy operating system/database platform, you understand that a migration to SAP HANA is your path to the future.

Your current platform may be meeting your needs now, but SAP HANA can take your business to the next level. It is the most innovative technology platform for running all SAP solutions, and it provides an excellent platform for other high-performance software that will help your company gain an edge over the competition.

How is SAP HANA different from your current platform? It delivers the most in-memory database available to run existing software. SAP HANA provides an array of outstanding tools and capabilities for data management or data modeling that supports advanced analytics. Plus, SAP HANA offers the advantage of integrated security.

Customers who migrate to SAP HANA can expect to see a significant performance boost immediately. Making the switch to SAP HANA unlocks the data modeling and analytics capabilities of tools like HANA Live for ECC and Embedded Analytics based on Core Data Services. Running SAP on HANA also provides the platform to build the knowledge and skills necessary to run S/4HANA in the future.

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Migrating to HANA requires special expertise – the type of expertise that our knowledgeable and experienced Syskoplan Reply consultants provide.

We understand that your system landscape is different from anybody else's, and we can determine the best migration approach for your enterprise. Whether your organization is large or small, our consultants have the experience necessary to help you step towards the future with HANA. We will devise a strategy that addresses key issues like downtime optimization and custom code check and remediation, and takes you all the way from planning to execution of the project.

Migrating to HANA is your key to the future, so why wait? Syskoplan Reply experts are available to help your company take the next step in your digital transformation today.

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