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Keeping your system current is an important part of managing a stable landscape. Let Syskoplan Reply ensure your SAP system is always technically up to date.

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Don’t fear the upgrade - let Syskoplan Reply experts keep your SAP systems up to date.

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Why Technical

Upgrading your SAP systems in a timely fashion is critical to the success of your company. Upgrading your SAP systems the right way is even more critical. And that’s where the Syskoplan Reply difference comes into play.

Our experts can help with all of the different steps in the process -- from the analysis, planning, and testing to the training and deployment phases -- to ensure that your upgrade is performed quickly and smoothly. Our goal is to help your business achieve the full benefits of the updated software with as little downtime and as few headaches as possible.

Software ages quickly. Outdated software components are prone to increased maintenance requirements. There are security risks associated with running outdated software releases. Over time if you don’t update, you face compatibility issues associated with running an integrated and increasingly connected IT landscape.

Not only that, older versions of software eventually lose support. Recruiting and internal retention can also be affected by running outdated systems. If you don’t keep up with smaller updates, you will eventually be forced to face a different challenge: a major upgrade, which will be more difficult and more expensive.

And worst of all, falling behind on updates means your company is falling behind in its ability to innovate and to stay competitive.

SAP upgrades serve two key purposes: they provide the foundation to deploy the new functions and capabilities provided in the updated software, and upgrades reduce the routine maintenance efforts and risks associated with running outdated software.

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Syskoplan Reply experts are able to call on their vast experience and an array of technical tools to guide our customers through the upgrade process.

This includes:

Ensuring the appropriate release targets are selected.
Defining the technical and functional scope of the project.
Determining hardware requirements.
Understanding the client's organizational and technical readiness.
Defining what preparation steps are needed.
Understanding the impact on the business.

We think of everything -- test scenarios, defect remediation, change management, training. We even offer hyper-care for the period immediately following the upgrade to satisfy any issues without delay.

Your company can’t afford to fall behind on its SAP updates.

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