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Template-based Global/Local Rollouts

Rollout programs are complex projects that require an experienced partner to bridge the gap between global and local requirements and enforce or define local standards. With combined decades of experience, Syskoplan Reply's SAP consultants have the expertise needed to help you start your rollout program as soon as possible.

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Template-based Global/Local Rollouts

Avoid common pitfalls of global or local rollouts using Syskoplan Reply's proven methodology.

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Why Core SAP Expertise

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Before rolling out SAP programs, your business has to comply with a variety of different requirements. Syskoplan Reply can help.

Rolling out SAP programs that comply with global and local requirements is a complex process fraught with potential pitfalls. Lots of things can go wrong. For example, making a change that impacts businesses that are already live can cause operational chaos where the business can end up with completely unique processes at each facility, which impedes harmonization. This can result in duplication of materials, inventory, customers, and vendors - all of which can cost the organization time and money.

Syskoplan Reply mitigates this risk by utilizing its proven methodology, templates, accelerators, and years of experience. Syskoplan Reply provides proprietary ready-to-use templates for governance structures, process flows, and master data. This ensures that all requirements and standards are met, thus reducing project duration. In one example, a company acquired another company with its own manufacturing facility which has its own system and it took 9-12 months to move it to the SAP system. Syskoplan Reply, using its toolkit, had the company operational on SAP in five months.

Syskoplan Reply experts have completed hundreds of successful SAP projects just like this one for organizations of every size, industry, and, geographic location. We’re here to help you bridge the gap between different global and local requirements and protect the core template at all costs, while still allowing for essential localization.

Concept #2

Syskoplan Reply provides ready-to-use concepts for template governance structures. This ensures that all requirements and standards are met, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Another potential pitfall is local business units who are trying to resist change and remain autonomous from the larger group by making claims about local legal requirements.

To avoid this, Syskoplan Reply uses a ‘Show and Tell’ method - showing business units the business processes in the template and telling them how they will operate going forward. This approach, paired with Syskoplan Reply's experienced consultants who are familiar with legal localizations, can keep all of your different business units on the same page by minimizing customization and vastly reducing project durations.

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