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ALM and Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager is an important part of your landscape, by accelerating innovation, managing application life cycles and running solutions on one integrated platform. Syskoplan Reply's ALM experts specialize in helping our clients get the most out of this valuable tool.

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ALM and Solution Manager

Tune up your SAP ecosystem and make the most of SAP Solution Manager with Syskoplan Reply’s Application Lifecycle Management team.

SAP Solution Manager

Why Technical

SAP systems run the business, but what runs the SAP systems?

As the complexity of the SAP ecosystem grows in an organization, the demand for more effective and efficient operational and management tools grows as well. This is where SAP Solution Manager comes into play. SAP Solution Manager provides the tools necessary to adopt innovation and to manage application life cycles. In addition, it provides a sophisticated and integrated entry point for daily operations.

Unfortunately, the value of SAP Solution Manager is often misunderstood, which can result in the tool being neglected, or even worse, improperly configured. The result is inefficiency and reduced productivity.

Don’t let this happen to you. Take a different approach with Syskoplan Reply. Our Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Practice provides services for all SAP Solution Manager functions and modules. A few common topics are:

Operational monitoring and alerting to dashboard reporting
Incident to change management
Solution documentation to test management
Custom code management to business process change analysis and many more

Syskoplan Reply has ALM experts for the integration of selected third party tools into SAP Solution Manager, such as:

HP ALM or Worksoft for test management
Various incident or ticket management systems 
Business process modeling or monitoring tools 

At Syskoplan Reply, we participate in all ramp-up programs with SAP in the ALM space to learn new functionalities first hand, as early as possible. That gives us the experience we need to be confident we can handle your project. By leveraging all aspects of ALM, the Syskoplan Reply team ensures that clients have the latest information to best support the landscape.

Whether your systems are on-premise or in the cloud, our goal is to provide the best practices implementation and configuration of Solution Manager’s capabilities so that business owners can focus on what is truly important: running their business.

Call us today to schedule a discussion to learn how ALM can help your organization.

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