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2020 Kick Off Note

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With 2019 behind us, we come to realize the world changes rapidly, and that it will never change as slowly as it does today. Based on our conversations with Enowa clients, we see a lot of movement with private equity and capital investments - a renewed focus on challenging the status quo. Enowa is actively involved in strategic conversations with executives and IT leaders as a foundational step to understand the baseline objectives and data point to help our customers keep up with the evolution of SAP.

-               Are companies staying on ECC, going S/4

-               Is SAP’s subscription based S/4 ready

-               What is the right hosting strategy

-               Do we need IBP or is enhanced planning S/4 enough

-               What’s the right reporting and analytics strategy

-               Is the marketing adopting Qualtrics (SAP XM)

Read Rick Place’s full Kick Off note here.

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