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Webinar: An Alternative to Traditional AMS: Noramco Pharma's Decision to Switch to On-Shore

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January 2023 AMS Webinar

To prepare for 2023 market conditions, companies are reevaluating their SAP managed support model. Traditional SAP application support services shifted due to increased business user requirement complexities needing to optimize SAP processes, instead of throwing in ABAP solutions.

Syskoplan Reply (formerly Enowa) identified business users process gaps with a support model that aligns with business user requirements via our Remote Application Support and Enhancement (ASE) Offering. 

Noramco Pharmaceutical’s IT Manager, Chris, will share challenges Noramco faced with off-shore and why they selected Syskoplan Reply as the SAP support partner. Additionally, our ASE Practice Manager, Matt, will share pitfalls to traditional AMS services, especially off-shore models, and how Syskoplan Reply’s offering differs from others.

During the 1-hour session on January 11 at 11AM ET, Chris and Matt will take you through a series of considerations that will help you choose which of model is the best for the success for your company. 

Key Takeaways

  • Hear from Noramco Pharma, who made the switch from off-shore to Syskoplan Reply’s model, reasons for doing so, and results post-switch
  • Discover common reasons why off-shore models struggle to achieve success in today’s business climate
  • Learn about Syskoplan Reply’s unique AMS (ASE) service offering

About Syskoplan's Remote Application Support and Enhancements Practice: 

Traditional AMS service models leave a lot to be desired. Syskoplan Reply understands traditional AMS services and improves this offering through our unique application support service that emphasizes customer service and business consulting, just as much as technical know-how. Click here to learn more about Syskoplan Reply’s ASE capabilities.  

About Noramco, Inc.: 

Noramco is a leading specialty active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) development and manufacturing company that supports the advancement of opioid and non-opioid products in a range of therapeutic applications. Founded in 1979, the company is headquartered in Delaware and maintains operations around the world.

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