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Enowa awarded CIO Review's Most Promising SAP Solution Providers

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The annual listing of 20 companies that are at the forefront of providing SAP solutions and transforming businesses

Two decades ago, IT had driven projects based on a technology need – new and better software, security concerns, patches, etc., and at times dragging their business partners through the change inherent in these projects. Over the last 20 years, it is realized that technology improvements are a function of the business, not just IT; upgrading and improving technology when significant business value is believable and achievable. Business teams (Finance,Supply Chain, and the C-Suite) must sponsor and drive projects and leverage IT as a necessary supporting role. In order for the business team to justify a technology project, they must have deep process knowledge to articulate current system inefficiencies and shortcomings, or the challenges they are facing, along with being able to illustrate the source of the benefits and/or how the solution resolves those challenges. This is Enowa’s expertise.

As a business consulting partner, Enowa helps to drive these outcomes supported by SAP and related products. “We commonly explain, ‘SAP software is proven, it works.’ Now we need to get the business motivated to embrace change and join the journey. We help the business to define the future state then work with IT on the deployment and execution of the software,” says Rick Place, Partner and Vice President at Enowa.

Enowa finds implementing standard SAP functionality is the key to success. It is clear with SAP CEO, Christian Klein’s, direction that standardization and cloud solutions are the future. Enowa routinely looks to leverage SAP and SAP Partner Content from SAP’s Industry Cloud, a repository of industry-specific needs ready for deployment. Most consulting partners push large teams of consultants who are trained in their changed variety of SAP products and methodology. Despite being attractive during the sales process, this commonly leads clients in a direction where they are locked in and dependent on the future development prescribed by the partner, not SAP. Enowa executes with the client in mind, implementing standard SAP functionality, with as small of a team as possible.

With a small, highly skilled team, Enowa eliminates communication issues and keeps projects moving while executing on time and on budget. The company’s involvement in the SAP ecosystem is prominent. It actively contributes to the SAP ecosystem as a thought leader by providing educational content and serving as an advisor for SAP solutions and product development. Enowa is a Gold Partner and sponsored at this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW conference, where attendees were able to connect with Enowa experts on various topics. The largest expert group in Enowa is their business process improvement and transformation team, but fast growing are the Process Mining, Analytics and Technology Practices. These teams focus on process execution and analytics across SAP, Microsoft and other software products.

Enowa’s delivery capabilities and service expansions are driven by the requirements of its clients. For instance, the company assisted Jayhawk Fine Chemical in getting up and running on an ERP in a rapid timeline. Enowa was able to quickly assess their business operations and master data to stand up SAPS/4HANA in 4.5 months. “We simply have only an A team; there is no backup team or juniors learning on our clients’ dime. These seasoned experts know the business process language, with strong SAP competencies. We deliver with certified experts inor close to the same time zone as our clients,” he states.

For the future, Enowa aims to align with the future of SAP and will act on behalf of its clients' best interests. “The future requires a partner who can drive transformative projects with a certain level of economic uncertainty. We also see our partnership in SAP as a continued key to success,” concludes Place. Enowa's industry practice leads are ready to answer your questions about your SAP needs. Contact us now.

Source: CIO Review

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