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Enowa Drives Business Transformation in Chemicals

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Enowa, LLC is pleased to announce the partnership with SAP in the second edition of 2021 Partner Stage to bring perspective to the SAP Chemical Community. Enowa is active in the Chemical Industry, notably leading multiple business and S/4HANA transformations and leveraging process mining tools to support

their S/4HANA journey. In the recent interview with Rick Place, Partner at Enowa and SAP’s Solution Specialist for the Chemical Industry Business Unit, Matthew Reymann, Rick answered how Enowa successfully drives transformations and highlights the importance

of the SAP partner ecosystem for the success of the Chemical Industry.

Rick Place states the top priorities for the Chemical Industry is the need for speed in real data at real time, or close to it. Further, Rick shares how coming out of the early stages of economic uncertainty and what that means for Mergers,

Acquisitions and Divestitures – largely driven by Enowa's Private Equity network. To achieve success, Enowa experts are driving results on these topics, a subset of our full competencies:

  • Financial optimization projects mostly leverage Group Reporting and SAC Planning.
  • Analytics based on having the data governance and data accessibility to visualize and analyze their data.
  • Reviewing process execution with Celonis.
  • S/4 transformation based on client needs:

            - Selective data transition to limit business disruption and leverage existing parts while leaving behind undesired areas

            - Greenfield to move away from years of unnecessary customization

            - Brownfield to leverage previous releases in good condition

“We always explain to clients, the software works, we cannot do this project to you, we must do it with you,” Rick Place continues. “…Simultaneously, Enowa is working with our clients’ IT to build the platform, including systems, applications,

and technology components as preparation for a successful adoption of S/4HANA while orchestrating the playbook success for the business side…I cannot think of a better compliment than trust and partnership between Enowa and our clients.”

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