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Enowa is Kicking Off Summer with Celonis Opportunities in Various Industries

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As a trusted partner for Celonis, Enowa data scientists are helping businesses in the Chemical, Aerospace and Defense and Food industries to implement Celonis Process Mining Tool. A large chemical company has engaged Enowa to implement Celonis for the OTC processes and Enowa is installing Celonis at a global aerospace and defense company, touching many of their business areas from the divisions to corporate functions (i.e. central procurement, billing and cash applications, etc.). Enowa data scientists will also be working with the business team at a global food company to leverage Celonis to review the P2P process, while building a roadmap for the rest of the business and processes to accelerate process improvement initiatives throughout the organization.

 Enowa is looking forward to helping more businesses learn how to leverage Celonis to gain higher efficiency, increase automation and gain shorter resolution time. Contact us at socialmedia@reply.com to get started!

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