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Enowa's First Client Showcase: Improve Order to Cash with Process Mining

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We are excited to announce Enowa’s Client Showcase which will feature an Enowa expert who will highlight a project or optimization that is currently going or recently completed. The expert will explain how Enowa helps/helped our client achieve and resolve the intended goals leading to a successful project. The goal of the showcase is to demonstrate Enowa’s core competence and showcase how we help the client overcome business challenges across various industries.

In this showcase, Enowa's Practice Manager Process Mining and Value Realization, Melody Briggs, shared how Enowa helped global consumer products manufacturer improve its Order to Cash (O2C). The client experienced issues with managing payment deductions in accounts receivable which produced inconsistent reports. Enowa recommended the client connect their data source system to the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) to analyze and identify areas for improvement. As a result, the client gained visibility across processes and enabled real-time views in O2C. To learn more about Enowa Process Mining Practice or contact us here: https://www.enowa.com/capabilities/special-expertise/process-mining-and-automation

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