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Evolving SAP Consulting in 2021 - Enowa's kickoff note

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Essential became the common word of 2020 as companies found a safe model for their employees. The government referred to businesses as essential and nonessential. Subsequently, Enowa’s clients referenced essential/nonessential for projects and staff. Although 2020 imposed a great deal of change to nearly everyone, personally and professionally, we proved that with agility, flexibility, and determination, we are strong and committed to success – that is essential!

It is an honor for me to be in a unique vantage point to interact with so many. Over the March to July scramble months, we corresponded routinely with every Enowa client, prospect, partner and employee. This group included over 500 different companies and usually consisted of multiple individuals. The honest and truthful interactions about business and personal concerns was contemplative. As a trusted business partner to most, we were happy to offer flexible delivery, with short reaction times. More importantly, the larger movement was the humanization in how we do business with our clients - allowing a glimpse into each other’s personal lives (home work stations, dogs barking, kids popping in). This was rewarding and something we are grateful for being a part. Family interests were priority, even while still trying to navigate our jobs. We are certain there is more to come, but we see the largest reshaping, personally and professionally, complete - we’re all positioned well for managing the future.

As with each year, we like to share a bit of what client focused adjustments Enowa has made to meet the ecosystem needs within our below competencies, and this year it is even more important.

Read Rick Place’s full kickoff note here.

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