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Navigating analytics while upgrading from ECC 6.0 to S4/HANA 2020

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Enowa's Senior Director BI and Technology, Jonathan Haun, will discuss how a chemical client's transformative journey from analytics in ECC 6.0 on HANA to S4/HANA 2020 faced many challenges: HANA changes, BusinessObjects migration, retirement of Flash based dashboards, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) development. The strategy achieve parity and provided enhancements in a simplified landscape with no downtime.

Key outcomes:

1. Gain insight into key functional and technical S/4HANA changes impacting existing ECC 6.0 based HANA Calculation views

2. Understand SAP Analytics Cloud dashboard and development compared to legacy BusinessObjects equivalents: Dashboards and Explorer

3. Learn migration path in transitioning from ECC 6 to S/4HANA without disrupting analytics solutions

4. Discuss client’s need for SAP BusinessObjects even after implementing SAP Analytics Cloud

5. Discover how we used S/4HANA CDS based standard content to help define Calculation Views within an S4/HANA landscape

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