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Next Stop, Celonis World Tour

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This month, Reply experts are headed to Celonis World Tour in NYC on June 14 and Chicago June 28 and ASUG Best Practices for Chemicals June 21-22.

Celonis World Tour is the global roadshow for process mining. Making stops in 10 cities across the US, Europe, and Japan from May-June 2023. Celonis is bringing together industry leaders, business titans, and the world's top experts in process mining and execution management. The event will provide a unique opportunity to connect with - and get inspired by - an exclusive circle of experts, performance powerhouses, and Celonis' partner ecosystem. Learn more about Reply’s Process Mining expertise here.

There will be sessions that cover the strategies, tactics, and technology businesses need to take their performance to new heights. Melody Briggs, Director Process Excellence and Data and Analytics will moderate around table discussion, Celonis VS the Competition: True Differentiators of Execution Management in Chicago.

Process mining has evolved from a theoretical idea in a 1990sresearch proposal to modern, high-tech, data-driven tools that Fortune 500businesses rely on today to realize cost savings by proactively identifying process inefficiencies.

Join Reply’s Process Mining Lead, Melody Briggs, in around table that introduces key questions for you to consider while exploring your organization's process mining potential:

• Why don’t all organizations leverage process mining?

• What type of vision or goal do we need to establish at the outset to be successful using process mining?

• We love the idea of using process mining, but which process is best to get started and learn process mining with?

• What advantages does Celonis provide for our process mining journey, that differ from the other process mining tools on the market?

Both those with and without past process mining experience are welcome!

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