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SAP Business Transformation Forum

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In today's ever-changing business environment, the ability to adapt quickly, innovate relentlessly, and deliver exceptional customer experiences is the key to thrive and grow. In any transformation, it is crucial to adapt and improve processes continuously. This can be complex and time-consuming as the human element, operational systems, data, and the processes themselves need to be considered simultaneously.

Stay ahead of the curve and discuss how to succeed with Reply and SAP at the Business Process Transformation Forum in Scottsdale on September 11-13. With so much information in the market on process transformation solutions, Reply helps clients understand the benefits and how to align business goals with the right outcome.

Event Highlights:

·        Process mining and analysis: How to quickly find out on which process areas to focus and how to distill actionable insights instantly

·        Transforming business processes: Which strategies and methodologies can drive process innovation effectively

·        Discover the plug and gain approach: A new approach to jump start your business process transformation journey, helping you to prepare and deploy faster than ever

·        Process automation: Free up your business to increase efficiency and deploy your people in more strategic or complex tasks

·        RISE with SAP: Discover how customers used SAP Signavio solutions to facilitate their move to the Cloud

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